Aseem Lalfakawma

Web Developer

Still alive!

No post in a while now, been learning some canvas, making an idiotic game for now, which I might as well release on my website, learning sprinting in JS canvas is kinda fun. Just got done with my homework and it’s 00:11(12:11 am for dummies) now. Still need to read the w3schools manual on the drawImage and other Image object methods to rotate images and for sprite animation. For the sprite i’m using my old sprite’s from my gamemaker game, which I kinda sorta tried but failed. I’m happy with the progress so far, no copy-paste code, all from the conscious thought process of my wiggly brain. Continue reading..

Decimal/Binary Converter

Thought of a good idea today morning, since we are learning binary/decimal conversions in college, thought i’d make a hybrid app to do the calculations. It does not support decimal point conversions, hexadecimal and octal conversions yet, but is really usable to check whether your math is wrong or right, atleast that’s what I feel. It is available on Android and compiled through phonegap and is available here – Decimal/Binary Converter

Power of jQuery

Today I found out the true power of jQuery, I never really indulged in it mainly cause’ I wanted to be more focused on the core vanilla JS code just to ensure I am improving with it day by day. I was just finishing a client’s project today and everything was jQuery based so I was literally forced to use jQuery. The funny part was I thought everything in a vanilla JS way, like how would I do this, how would I do that, but jQuery always surprised me by the predefined functions, everytime. There’s always something you need which is much more easier and faster than JS, like event delegation, cloning of an element, prepending element’s, etc.
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New webhost

Finally, got a new host other than that crappy free 000webhost who just violated and took down my site. I got this host from b4uindia for a mere 1600 plus taxes, for a year. Which is great considering all the other hosts out there pretty much summing it upto around 3k-4k a year. For blogposts from time to time this will do. Continue reading..